The State of Places At Niagara, and the Crazy Guy Talking To Himself!

It’s pretty tough starting a new blog… nothing much is going on, and whenever I post something it feels like I’m trying to have a conversation when nobody else is in the room.  I’m invisible on Google, so far as I can tell.  When I enter ‘Niagara Falls’ in the Google search field, a message reads “About 20,500,000 results (0.12 seconds)”.   Displaying 10 results per page, that comes to two million and fifty thousand pages.  Wow. 

Being a brand-new blogger, I figure I have to be somewhere near the very last page.  I’d love to find myself on those Google pages and chart my progress as I move closer to the front of the rankings as time goes on…  but two million and fifty thousand pages is a lot of pages.  If I check a hundred pages per day, it will take twenty and a half thousand days, or roughly fifty-one years to check them all out.  (No problem.)

Better that I operate on faith that what they tell me is true, that frequent postings will help my rankings in the search engines.  No matter what, post something everyday, something relevant in some way to the subject of my blog, and eventually I’ll move higher in the rankings.

So that’s what I’m doing… I’m posting!  I’m not some crazy guy just talking to himself in an empty room, posting things which seem to have no connection with each other.  The stepping-stones to my online success someday are frequent postings about anything related to Niagara Falls.   As I write this, I’ve only had one person leave a comment…  a very nice person from Italy and I was thrilled he seemed to like my work so far.  I have no idea how he found me, being that I’m nothing more than a grain of sand floating in the great virtual cosmos of The Internet. 

So far this post has not been relevant to Niagara Falls, so I’ll fix that right now:  Please read my site about Niagara Falls… Learn what I have to share, so that when you go there, you will have an incredible time while not spending a fortune in the process.  There.  Relevancy!    And one photo, a morning shot… taken when no one else was there, to show you how serene and tranquil these Places At Niagara Falls Can be!


~ by Greg Nold on October 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “The State of Places At Niagara, and the Crazy Guy Talking To Himself!”

  1. Good stuff, thanks!

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