My Ipod & My Morning Walk To The Falls

A couple of years ago, my wife gave me an Ipod for Christmas, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I’m 49 years old, and when I was a teenager I purchased LP Record Albums from the store, took them home and played them on my turntable until they were completely worn out.  In my car, I had an 8-track tape deck, and in those wild days of ‘cruising’ with my buddies  on Saturday Nights, my car was littered with the big bulky (and awful-sounding) 8-track tapes.  Eventually I upgraded to cassette tapes, then as the 80’s gave way to the 90’s, I finally had a CD player in my car, which I thought was the ultimate manifestation of musical perfection and convenience.

But I was wrong… the Ipod tops everything, and it’s hard to imagine what will surely come along someday to surpass even that.  I have so much music downloaded and stored on my Ipod Nano, the equivalent to at least a dozen crates of 12″ record albums… all in a device I can clip to my shirt pocket.

So I had an idea… how cool it would be to take my Ipod with me on my next Niagara Falls vacation, to listen to something joyous like the Adagio to Beethoven’s  Symphony #9 while walking to the falls in the morning, or something ethereal like Debussy’s Nuages Nocturn.   And that’s what I did on my next trip to Niagara.  I awoke early in the morning before the sun had risen, went to the hotel lobby and poured coffee in a styrofoam cup and walked outside for my traditional morning walk… with my Ipod earbuds in my ears.

In an instant I knew my Ipod was excess baggage.  I walked a block before I turned it off and removed the earbuds.  Not even the greatest musical masters of all time could compete with experience of being at Niagara Falls.   I was surprised I had not foreseen this.  Walking to the falls in the morning is all about hearing your footsteps as you walk, about hearing the wind through the parkway, and of course, it’s all about hearing the soul-cleansing sound of tons of water flowing ceaselessly into a rising cloud of mist and spray.  It’s about hearing your thoughts when you are amazed all over again.  Nothing artificial is ever needed or should ever be applied to Niagara Falls in the morning. 

As a great lover of Peace and Quiet, this is my opinion, at least at Niagara Falls.  Everything in its perspective, everything in its own given time. 


~ by Greg Nold on October 20, 2010.

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