The American Side — Is There Nothing On This Site?

My readers would be correct in pointing out that there’s nothing about the American Side to Niagara Falls on this site… at least not yet.

The lack of material about the America Side should not imply that I don’t like the American Side.  My family has simply not been there in a while (not since the power blackout that one summer a few years back) and I don’t have many photos of the place.  Going to the American Side is hot on our ‘To Do’ list for the future.

This does beg the question about why we would choose the Canadian side time and time again for our vacation… and the answer is that there are more things to do on the Canadian Side.  The Canadians have outdone themselves in creating an incredible getaway spot of fun which suits many age groups.  The Americans (of which I am one) simply have not taken that approach, and that’s a shame.  I really wish they would…. it’s such a lost opportunity on many different levels.  Note that I’m only talking about the ‘Clifton Hill’ kinds of things missing from the American Side… as far as enjoying the American Falls from a Nature Lover’s perspective, it’s certainly the equal of the Canadian Side. (Let’s not forget that Niagara Falls is a Straight which runs between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and which contains a series of waterfalls as it has for the last twelve thousand years — it really couldn’t  care less about national borders.) 

Eventually I will post a section on the American Side, but for now, let me just state that the National Park on the American Side is spotless and beautiful, and the folks running it are as cordial and as helpful as they can be.  It’s an incredible place for an altogether different look at Niagara Falls, and well worth your time and money to go there. 

The big attraction on the American Side, The Cave Of The Winds tour, may well be the best thing to do in Niagara Falls New York or Canada combined.  It’s nothing more than wearing a rain poncho and walking up flights of stairs for an encounter with the Bridal Veil Falls, the smallest of all the waterfalls in the Niagara Falls grouping.  Yet there is nothing small about the power of the Bridal Veil Falls.  The Hurricane Deck, an optional part of the tour, is appropriately named… you will feel the force of measured hurricane force winds directly beside the waterfall… it’s incredible and you will never regard the small waterfall at Niagara the same way again.

I do apologize if it seems I’m giving the American Side the slight… I’m not.  I just don’t have any material to post since the last time I was over there, I had no idea I’d eventually be writing a Niagara Falls Blog someday… and I simply didn’t take many good photos.  I do have one I can use however, and here it is:


My younger daughter on the Cave Of The Winds Tour.. reaching down to the water so she can proclaim, “I Touched Niagara Falls!”


~ by Greg Nold on October 21, 2010.

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