My Nikon D90… In My Dreams!!

I’ll just come out and say it:  I want a Nikon D90 so bad I sometimes can’t sleep at night for thinking about it.  Some people are frustrated in other ways…. me, I am frustrated because I want a Nikon D90 Digital SLR camera. 

And I can’t have one.  Dang it.  

They are expensive… about $1200 for the camera and a basic kit lens.  Ideally, I would want the body purchased separately with a lens with about twice the focal length as the standard kit lens, and that will run me about $1700 or so, after Uncle Sam gets his cut.  Guess what?  At that price, the basic kit lens would do just fine for now.  Still a huge sum of money.  Drives me nuts.  I feel like Ralphie wanting his Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200 Shot Range Model Air Rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time…. yeah… only that had a happy ending!   

I want one for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is to be able to get better photos for this blog, Places At Niagara Falls.  I love taking photos of Niagara, and I’d like to think that my photos show some potential, at least when considering I’m a photographer who’s  just starting out.   

God knows I’m no John Shaw, but I’m also no longer including the tip of my little finger in my photos either.  I’ve come a long way and I welcome the fact that I still have a long way to go.  I want something that will be a delight to learn with.  The Nikon D90 covers that need and then some.  There is no doubt that photography is a creative outlet for me.  Everywhere I go I see photos I could take if only I had my camera.  I could go with a less expensive Nikon, but there are reasons that the D90 is the minimum I would accept… primarily because it is a bit more challenging and requires a bit more from the user… and that’s what I want. 

And why a Nikon?  That’s a personal bias I guess.  When I was in high school so many years ago, I remember a girl named Laura whom I’d always had a wild crush on.  She was a member of the Yearbook Staff and was always walking around with a Pentax SLR, and I remember her once saying something like, “Nikon’s are the best… I’d kill for a Nikon.”  And I guess that’s it.  From that point the Nikon Brand stuck with me as being the best there is and ever since I’ve wanted a Nikon Camera… a silly reason but it’s true.  That desire was made even more fervent Paul Simon’s song ‘Kodachrome’, where he was evidently so happy with having a Nikon camera that he told the world about it in his lyrics.  (Send me the money Paul and I’ll blast your song from my window every morning for the next five years!)

Some time after High School, I was able to scrape a few bucks together and I purchased what I could afford….  a Pentax Super Program, which I thought was a very nice camera.  I became fairly well immersed in SLR photography with a collection of lenses, a 2nd Pentax camera body and lots of extras, and I was just getting to the point where my photos were turning out nicely….until a theft of my apartment left me with nothing but a packet of lens cleaning tissues I’d forgotten to put back in my camera bag.  I was bitter for many years (still am, actually)  but nonetheless I always vowed to return to the hobby again, but  just never did for one reason or another…. $$$$ and $$$$. 

But now that I’m almost old enough to join the AARP, I want my coveted Nikon D90.  I know there are plenty of other cameras out there that would suit me just fine, but sometimes you have to hold out for what you want as a gift to yourself….  as a way of rewarding yourself for coping with all the less-than-stellar hands you were dealt for so many years.  Also, a lot of Pro’s use Nikon and that’s a big reason for me.  

Lots of people have it a lot worse than me, and have far more important needs in their lives… I know all that.  Outside of this blog entry where I just felt like whining a bit, I’m a much more compassionate person toward my fellow human beings.  But… if you were to ask me to reveal what it is I’m wishing for (beside world peace, blah-blah-blah) I’d have to say, “A Nikon D90.” 

That’s what I want.  Dang it.

And that’s what I’m going to get, Dang It!    😉 

Peace be with you… and I hope to get your photo someday at my Places At Niagara Falls!


~ by Greg Nold on October 23, 2010.

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