I’ll Take ‘What To Write About’ For A Thousand, Alex!

Not long ago, I decided to write something — anything — on my blog every single day in order to grow my visibility on the search engines. (As it stands, I get somewhere between zero and four hits a day… so I’m not exactly going viral.)  This plan worked well for a while until one day when other urgent matters intervened… then before I knew it, three weeks had elapsed since my last ‘Daily Post.’  Oh well… that’s the way it goes!  What is that quote… ‘Life is what happens while you were busy making other plans?’  So true.

That all ended tonight, I’m happy to say, with a little thing about writing itself.  This tiny entry marks the official resurrection of that perfectly good plan.  I wish I had something to say about my beloved Places At Niagara Falls… but it’s nearly one in the morning and I still have to walk Molly, floss, brush then set my coffee maker for tomorrow’s Jo… and I can barely stay awake, let alone find a way to be creative and fresh.  Though bleary-eyed and nodding off, I’m happy… very happy I started this whole Places At Niagara thing.  I really needed to do something ike this in my life, however it ultimately ends up.   I look at it now, and remember it as it was only a few months ago… and I know this old dog is learning a new trick or two.

Tomorrow, over coffee, I hope to be able to tell you how much I love writing Places At Niagara Falls and what I hope to bring you in the future!   



~ by Greg Nold on November 5, 2010.

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