The Future of Places At Niagara Falls

In only a short time, I’ve come a long way on this Blog.  I started it one night in total frustration that I would never see enough money to have a professional design and make a website for me.  My wife had been telling me to check out WordPress and do a free blog.  I had resisted for a long time, thinking that no stock template could ever deliver enough beauty to properly represent such a beautiful place.  When faced with abandoning my plans completely, I found myself on the WordPress Homepage.

I’m now a blogger, and I’m proud of that!  Although much needs to be done, the site looks pretty nice and I can say that it is a piece of ‘me’.  I’m still learning, addressing one problem at a time.  Most recently I learned how to make the word ‘Pages’ in the right sidebar say ‘Photo Galleries’, and that cleaned things up immensely.  Before that, every heading began with ‘Photo Galleries’ which looked terrible.

I need to learn how (assuming its possible) to insert text into the sidebar, so that I can have links for people to click on.  If it’s possible, I’ll find the way to do it… maybe this weekend.   Then of course, I need to find out how to put some limited advertising banners in the sidebar… and I say ‘limited’ because I don’t want to spoil the look of my site with too much advertising junk.

I still need to make a post about the Cave Of The Winds Tour on the American Side, using some outstanding photos I was given permission to use… by a  very nice girl whose organizaton will be credited at that time.  I don’t have enough about the American Side, but on our next vacation, that will change. 

Maybe if I purchase the CSS upgrade I can get rid of that awful vertical line in my Duck Photo on my banner.  I don’t know why it’s there… it might be fine for other folks, but to me it just cuts my duck photo in half.  Another Task for Another Day perhaps… not that important if I can’t.

Once I have all the content written, I will purchase the ‘Fonts’ upgrade and see what I can do add a little style to the appearance.  After all that, I will then promote my site in any way I can.

My vision for this site is to be the logical place to turn when someone wants to plan and take a Niagara Falls vacation.  I want to be able to help them out with what I’ve learned over the years.  I don’t want people to go home from Niagara Falls thinking it was nothing but a money pit or a tourist trap.  With my help, I hope to make your visit to Niagara Falls your first of many over the years.  I think it’s only natural to want to share what you love, and that’s certainly the case with my Places At Niagara Falls Blog!


~ by Greg Nold on November 5, 2010.

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