The Photo Galleries (On The Right) Are Clickable!!

Slowly but surely I am making this site a better place for folks to get to know Niagara Falls!  Where in the beginning there was only chaos, now there is some evidence of order.  As I write this, I still have a few sections which have ugly white borders around the photos (easily fixed, it just takes time) and I have to make subheadings for the photo galleries so that the viewer does not have an overly long list to scan through… and plus there are typos everywhere… why are they so hard to spot when I’m proofreading?  (Does any of this make sense?)  That’s OK if it doesn’t… it makes sense to me and when I address those issues, this site will be better for you, my viewer… without whom I’m nothing online!

Here and there, some people are finding this site… I’m not sure how with my Google Invisibility.    The majority of folks who come here however are clicking only on my home page — what you are reading now — and very few are clicking on my photo galleries, the main point of this site.  Hmmm.  How can I get those people to click on those very best parts?  All I can say is, if you are reading these words, Click on the photo galleries to the right for a nice visual tour of Niagara Falls!

I’ll admit that this site so far has been shot with less than professional equipment, and I have no illusions that National Geographic will be offering me a job anytime soon.  The professional equipment part will be coming in 2011, and then I can offer photos which look a little nicer, especially in the low light of early morning and dusk.  As it is, I’m undeniably online with Niagara Falls photos, and where last year this site was just ‘All Talk’,  now it is Real and In-Process.  All the little problems I’m handling one at a time. 

I’m very happy with all I’ve done so far, but boy is it ever tough to be patient sometimes… seeing in my mind’s eye the visual Eden this site will become… someday!  Take Care, and I hope you all visit my Places At Niagara again and again, both in the real and virtual worlds!


~ by Greg Nold on November 8, 2010.

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