The Time Cube… and Time Travel from the Past to the Present!

The breeze is barely there… softly puffing against my face.  I hear my footsteps and my breathing, the cries of seagulls in the distance.  The roar of the American falls is muted, though growing louder as I walk down Clifton Hill toward the Niagara Parkway.  Passing the flower gardens and monuments of Queen Victoria Park, my pulse begins to  

“YOU NEED YOUR TIME CUBE!”  my wife says in disgust.

Suddenly I am hurtled back at light-speed from the past back into the present.  I am no longer in my walk to the falls in the morning with coffee in hand, I’m in Ohio where I live and I’m sitting at my computer and there’s about twenty-five packages from Ebay I have to pack up and ship out…. and I’ve not even started yet.

“I know”, I say.  “I don’t even know where my Time Cube is.”  And reluctantly, begrudgingly, I acquiesce, comply and cave in, letting all thoughts of Niagara Falls perish in their beauty.  I then devote all my energies to getting our online customers their packages on time.  (Thank God for wives, for they do enforce the needed disciplines of life in general.)

The ‘Time Cube’ is a little plastic device in the shape of a three-inch cube.  On the sides are different numbers… 5, 10, 15 and so forth, and on one of the sides are some buttons (I’m guessing — I’ve never actually used it yet — I don’t know where it is) that you can set for how much time you want to spend on something.  Supposedly, if you set it for ’15’, a little alarm will go off after 15 minutes to let you know that you’ve spent enough time on email, coffee break or whatever… or in my case, writing my Places At Niagara blog.   She gave me the Time Cube last year (or the year before?) for Christmas, and after opening it and thanking her, I never saw it again.  I mean, it’s a good idea and everything… but… I sure love writing this Places At Niagara blog, and I could do it all day if life’s demands wouldn’t mandate I do otherwise.  Whenever I hear her sigh and tell me I need my time cube, it’s usually because I’ve spent too much time on this blog.

And so it is with this morning, heh heh heh!  I have a stack of orders to ship out and here I am writing about my time cube!    Boy if the printer dies now or I hit any other snag, I am wife-fodder for sure! 

The time cube… sigh.  If I find it, I’ll take a photo of it and upload it here.  It’s a good idea… but I’m a Husband and I procrastinate and take forever to get moving… it’s a ‘husband thing’… it’s just what we do. 

We also live in fear of Angry Wives, so I’d better get busy!! 

I hope you love these Places At Niagara as much as I do, Husbands, Wives and Children alike!  (Oh, and please don’t forget… the Photo Galleries on the Right are clickable and they’re the main reason for this blog!)


~ by Greg Nold on November 9, 2010.

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