For the sake of a Daily Post… My Plans for Places At Niagara

During this time while I’m between visits to Niagara Falls (and while I’m waiting for my Nikon D7000 to become a reality) I’m busy making plans for Places At Niagara.  I need to make some intuitive categories so users can find information conveniently.  One great category which comes to mind would be “What To Do On A Rainy Day”.

It’s always a possibility that it could rain on a Niagara Falls vacation… and folks need to know that all is not lost.  There are plenty of inside things to do to save the day!  As long as an umbrella is on hand to walk from People Mover busses to the inside activities, a tourist can expect to stay dry during the rainy weather.  I will certainly elaborate on it further when the time comes, but some rainy day activities which come to mind are any of the museums and shops of Clifton Hill, the Journey Behind The Falls, The Butterfly Conservatory, The Aviary and the Greenhouse in Queen Victoria Park.  All those activities would fill easily fill the day of the average tourist, and allow a ‘tolerance cushion’ for lousy weather.  The next day might bring sunshine and blue skies and allow for the traditional ‘Niagara Falls’ things to do!

Always remember (since I’m talking about rainy weather at Niagara Falls) that if it’s a day of light drizzle and mist, you can still walk to the falls if you have an umbrella and it’s not too cold to suit you.  The crowds will be down and everything will especially beautiful after a peaceful summer shower… the gardens and flowers will just sparkle! 

All is not lost on a Rainy Day at Niagara Falls… not only are there plenty of ‘Inside Things’ to do, but you can still walk to the falls if it’s a simple light drizzle… and enjoy Niagara without the usual crowds!


~ by Greg Nold on November 12, 2010.

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