Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the United States we have the Thanksgiving Holiday where we take time out to consider all we’ve been blessed with in our lives… and to give thanks for all that we have.     

I’m thankful for a great many reasons, despite my nearly incessant whining about everything that seems to go wrong or which inconveniences me in the slightest.  I won’t enumerate those reasons here, but know that I’m humbled about what I have in life, and that I would wish others to be just as fortunate as I have been.

With 2010 winding to a close, I have to say it’s been a great year in many ways.  Last year at this time, my idea of writing a Niagara Falls website seemed on the verge of total collapse.  Before I could even get started, forces from every direction in life seemed to be pulling it apart, and the only thing which seemed certain was failure.   Somehow I persevered.  I’ve not always been successful in life at converting ideas to realities, so this one really feels good.  In a small but important way, it’s changed the way I view myself.  I’m so glad I stuck with it.   I will remember the year 2010 for this.

Though riddled with imperfections, I’m immensely proud whenever I type in my web address and see what I’ve accomplished so far.  Those imperfections?  Well, I’m still learning and I’m addressing them one at a time.  I love every minute I get to work on my website, even when my buggy old computer wants to drive me insane.   Although I’m just a grain of sand floating in the vast cosmos of the internet, there’s something deeply satisfying about reaching out across the web with my photos and what I’ve learned about one very special place on Planet Earth to me… Niagara Falls.  It’s like saying to the world, “Hello, let’s be friends!”

So with this being our Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I’d like to give thanks to those online who’ve found my site and who didn’t  click me away without reading a thing or two I wrote or without browsing through some of my photos.  Thanks!  I hope whoever reads this is happy in life!  Take Care Always, and I hope you enjoy these Places At Niagara… and life in general!  — Greg


~ by Greg Nold on November 25, 2010.

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