Not Neglected… Just With Computer Problems!

Hello Folks, my first post since America’s Thanksgiving Holiday in November! 

I’m not neglecting my beautiful Places At Niagara, but my graphics card is toasted on my computer… this makes it very difficult to make a beautiful website or to be creative… to say the least.  Plans are at work to deal with this, but they will take awhile to unfold.  We have an Ebay business, and as ugly as my computer screen makes my online experience, I’m still able to print labels and ship out my customers’ packages… which is the bottom line for me right now. 

In the future, look for me to change styles and formats, from the Blog Form to the Standard Web Site form, with possibly a built-in blog.  To those who still visit… Thanks… and an assurance that the future always looks bright for these Places At Niagara!


~ by Greg Nold on February 17, 2011.

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