Any Progress is Good Progress… Always!

Changes, they are a-coming to my Places At Niagara… after a long, cold (and for me) a very busy winter.  The number one change you will see will be a conversion from a Blog Format to a more standard Web Page format, one which has an internal blog through which I can ramble on about whatever I like.  This will necessitate going from WordPress to SquareSpace.  I sure appreciate WordPress for the free deals they offer, but what I want to do on the web is just not suited for a free blog site.  I must spend a little money and do things my way, and the folks over at SquareSpace seem to have the solutions & the look I need.  It won’t matter to my handful of viewers… when they type in www dot Places At Niagara dot Com, they will still get to PlacesAtNiagara, it will just have a new home and a new look…. Eventually… I still have to build the site and then when it’s finished I’ll have Go Daddy redirect my viewers to SquareSpace.  For a look at what I’m interested in, check out this simple but beautiful SquareSpace site I found which will serve as the inspiration to my future Places At Niagara….

You really have to hand it to Ms. Heiden for what she has done.  Her site is simple, but in a cluttered world of blinking banners and other visual pollution, Simple is Better.  Her site draws the  viewer right into her world … click on the photos and you get more photos.. click on those and you can see them larger and then admire their beauty and read her commentary.  Simple.  Great!  Couldn’t be better and that’s what I want for Places At Niagara!  Great Job Ms. Heiden… I want to make my site look much like yours… but about Niagara Falls of course.

The next Great Thing in my life is that I finally got my Dream Camera…  no longer am I on the ‘Outside Looking In’ in the Photographer’s World!  No, I did not finally get my coveted Nikon D90 which I wrote about in an earlier post… instead I picked up a Nikon D7000, sort of an upgraded D90, along with a separately-purchased Nikkor 18-200mm zoom lens… both of which are  beyond awesome for me.  My new Nikon has a lot to teach me, but I am an eager student… and that’s a great combination for success.  I envision a loving and lasting relationship with my new Artist’s Tool. 

Until a theft of my apartment left me without all of my Pentax equipment some thirty years ago, I was once a student of photography… with my teacher being only myself and whatever books I could get my hands on.  I learned a lot in those film camera days, but never re-invested after the break-in.  I’m regretful about that.  I was bitter for so many years that someone could come along and take something which belonged to me, which I loved so much… I could never bring myself to start all over again, and eventually I forgot all about my love of photography.  None of that matters now… I own a beautiful new Nikon D7000… and for me, it’s my way of finally closing that door and getting on with my life… even 30 years too late.  That I’ve finally done so is all that matters!  

So how does this relate to Niagara Falls?  Well, I go to Niagara a lot… an awful lot… and I just love to take photos of the Places At Niagara which are seldom noticed by the average tourist.  One day I decided to make a website devoted to Niagara Falls.  My Trusty Little Warrior, my tiny Canon PowerShot A630 has done everything I’ve asked it to do and more — virtually all the photos on this site are from it —  but to really do Niagara Falls justice, I had to get an SLR camera again… and after saving my pennies and driving my wife and family bonkers for two long years with my obsession, I finally have one!  I can’t tell you how nice it is to have an SLR in my hands again… and a Nikon at that… something I could never have afforded some 30 years ago!  Sometimes, when you least expect it, things have a way of working out. 

Peace and Happiness be with you!  — Greg


~ by Greg Nold on April 12, 2011.

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