Nikons, Photos, Giant Waterfalls and other Things

Taxes are done, as of today!  Filing electronically, we will hit the ‘Send’ button and then be squared up with our government for another year.  More importantly, I’ll be free to do many things which are long overdue… like clear off my desk for one thing!  For another thing, begin work on my SquareSpace site which will eventually become the new Places At Niagara dot Com.  I can’t wait!  If I am successful, it will be a very beautiful site with hundreds of photos about Niagara Falls and the Greater Niagara Region of Ontario Canada and New York, USA.  It will also have a category entitled, ‘Other Photography’, as well as an internal blog through which I can talk about various things, and even accept comments from like-minded individuals who have something on their minds.  Much of that blog will pertain to Niagara Falls of course, but part of it (at least to start) will be about learning the art of photography… and these words I am typing now will actually comprise its beginning.  When my SquareSpace Site is ready, I am going to paste these entries into my ‘Learning Photography Blog’.  It’s only appropriate that I do, since I am learning now… even before I begin work on my new Niagara Site.  Don’t look for a lot of photos to be uploaded to this WordPress site now… all such work needs to be put into SquareSpace..  I’m only writing now to record the process which takes me from Absolute Beginner in photography, through the Novice stage and ultimately to the point where I’m like an Old Pro with my camera.  I’m hoping others more knowledgeable will want to share what they know, and others less knowledgeable might find something helpful in their own learning process.


~ by Greg Nold on April 16, 2011.

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