Walking the Dog… and the Nikon D7000

Just came in with my family… we all walked our dog Molly down our little country road.  Knowing that I have much to learn from my D7000, I took it along with me, with the promise that I would use only the fully manual mode.  My goal was not to end up with spectacular photos… just photos which reproduced the look of the growing twilight around us (thus indicating proper exposure.) 

Well, to put it mildly, I’m still all thumbs with the camera… I have to think about everything I do, and I have to stop what I’m doing to watch where I place my fingers when working the buttons and the command dials.  Awkward and slow are two words to describe me.  I can tell it comes with practice… lots of practice!  While walking behind my wife, daughters and dog, I found that I could not seem to get the right combination of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture to reach exposure needed for the camera… so for the sake of having a some photos of Molly, I put the camera on Auto and snapped away.  On the return trip however, I returned to manual mode and kept at it… eventually I was successful, but I really have to hand it to those working pros who know their cameras like the backs of their hands!  I cannot wait until I get to that point. 

I’m wondering what the best approach to photography is… and I’m thinking that it must be a good plan to use the camera on automatic mode when, as a true neophyte like myself, you really need to get the shots…. but then make sure you take regular time later on to explore how the camera works.  Nearly everything I need to do for my Places At Niagara Website can be done with the camera on Automatic, for example… yet in the morning when I take my Niagara Walks by myself, I imagine finding a spider in a web that I want to photograph… and it’s then I’ll want to make sure the background behind the strands of web are blurred… so I will experiment with aperture until I get it just right.  Eventually I will get a more intuitive feel for the camera… just need lots of practice I guess… and faith that I will eventually get the hang of it.


~ by Greg Nold on April 16, 2011.

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