I Just Re-Read ‘Why Photography’, and….

I just re-read my little segment called ‘Why Photography’ and something bothered me about it.  It definitely seemed I gave a ‘slight’ to anyone who doesn’t own Nikon stuff.  It sounded that way, but was not meant that way.  I was excited because I set my sights on a Nikon and was able to get one (finally)…  but in truth, I would have run through traffic for any digital SLR… any model of those wonderful things that would have allowed me to walk through the woods and record the little things I see.  When I was trying to save my pennies, I checked out used cameras and was dismayed to discover how I could not even afford someone’s hand-me-down…  I feel so lucky the way things eventually turned out… Lucky… not smug.  I know people who are only happy when they have the latest and the greatest things, the moment they hit the market… but that’s not me.  I hope my D7000 rewards me for years into the future, long after it is not the flashiest thing on the market.  I’m likely never to see that kind of money again, and I hope it is never to be fated as my wonderful Pentax equipment was so many years ago.   

It is amazing how I still think of my Pentax stuff… I had two Pentax Super Program Bodies and several lenses… some I used all the time, some I almost never used… but they were all mine, which I paid for after saving my earnings from my minimum-wage job.  They were beautiful and I still remember they day I brought the first one home from the camera store…  and how happy I was that I finally had an SLR!  


~ by Greg Nold on April 27, 2011.

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