Learning Photography… A Bit At A Time

My life is busy, especially during the work-week… but at this very early stage with my camera, I try to handle it a little every day, and that strategy seems to be paying off.  In an earlier post I mentioned that I was ‘All Thumbs’ with the camera… but that is starting to change.  My thumbs now know where to go, and so do my fingers.  Underexposed and need more ISO?  Just hold the ISO Button with my left thumb and rotate the Main Command Wheel with my right thumb.  Need faster shutter?  Rotate the Main Command Wheel with my right thumb.  Aperture?  Front index finger immediately finds the Sub Command Wheel, all without removing the camera from my eye.  It’s got to be a First Step to getting better at this!  It’s amazing how it brings back the old days of my Pentax film cameras… only I think there were a row of LED’s in the viewfinder… all red ones maybe, followed by a green one which signified proper exposure.  I remember learning how to control exposure, shutter speed and depth-of-field on those cameras, and amazingly I feel age 23 again instead of age 50… and what could be nicer than that?  Photography was my hobby when I walked into a pet shop down the plaza from the camera shop and met Jen… the girl who is now my wife.  It’s awesome.  Gone are the yellow boxes of Kodachrome Film but here now SD Cards and photo editing software.  Having a camera and once again learning photography is wonderful on so many different levels.  I’m glad for it all.  I’m thankful I met my wife so many years ago and I’m humbled that she still loves me just as much as I love her.  I’m glad I have a camera again… overjoyed.  I feel so young again in so many different ways!


~ by Greg Nold on April 27, 2011.

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