Evening At Niagara 

The end of the afternoon often brings weariness to Niagara Falls tourists… It’s a great time to take a much-needed break!

There’s so many sights and attractions at Niagara that it’s easy to ‘over-do it’ and experience a case of the yawns or to even doze off on a people-mover bus. This is when you need to kick back and rest, grab a bite to eat and recharge your internal batteries. If you need to, go back to your hotel room for an hour nap. You’ll still have plenty of time for fun as most things at Niagara keep cranking until midnight or beyond.

A sit-down meal can do wonders!  Just relax and enjoy.  Do try to avoid peak dinner hours when everyone else has the same idea as you. 

Boston Pizza is a fun place to eat and unwind! 

A welcome meal and a refreshing cold drink… while still immersed in all the fun of Clifton Hill.  Summer evenings are almost magical at Niagara Falls!

Evening brings an exciting change in the look, feel and sound of Niagara Falls… you won’t want to miss it by being in your hotel room watching television! For most folks, this change is enough to bring about a second burst of energy to experience a completely different side to Niagara. Change your clothes or just come as you are, because it’s well worth your time to venture out in the evening.

Comfort Inn just visible in the upper right, with the Niagara Sky Wheel just visible on the left.  Not seen behind the camera is the Heart of Clifton Hill.  The Comfort Inn is a great choice for its close proximity to all the excitement! 

Looking the other way from the Comfort Inn.  Just beyond this plaza is  Clifton Hill, an explosion of lights, colors and sounds… and a tourists!  Just beyond Clifton Hill is Queen Victoria Parkway and Niagara Falls itself. 

As the sun sets, lights all over town gradually blink on, and suddenly all of Niagara Falls takes on the festive atmosphere of a carnival. This is especially true in the Clifton Hill entertainment area, where almost nothing has anything to do falling water and yet is still one of the most popular spots in Niagara.  Colored signs and strobe lights dance, keeping time with the pulsating music which seems to be everywhere.  Shop doors are left wide open to draw in the throngs of tourists filing past on the sidewalks.  On peak summer nights, Clifton Hill is a moving sea of people, jamming the sidewalks and crossings at every intersection, where motorists must often wait patiently for people to pass even after the traffic lights turn green.  Clifton Hill rightly proclaims itself as ‘The Street Of Fun At Niagara Falls’, and at night it effectively creates an alluring and seductive atmosphere for anyone who is young or young at heart.

 Crowds may or may not be your thing…  but personally I enjoy being immersed in scenes like this!  The crowds at Niagara Falls are among the most respectful and carefree as I have found anywhere.  You owe it to yourself to join the fun!

During Summer, the attractions along Clifton Hill are wide open to the passing crowds… which heightens their appeal.  Tourists can walk right up for a closer look, and then decide whether they want to go inside for a visit!

Welcome to a different kind of world!  It’s fun and exciting on Clifton Hill in the evening…  the people are having a great time, and the voices you hear are happy.  The atmosphere on summer evenings here is like nowhere else!

From every direction and to every direction, people are walking as their senses of fun dictate.  Clifton Hill is the perfect place to ‘Lose Yourself ‘ and forget all about life’s little annoyances for a while!

You can take your choice on Clifton Hill… there are 4D Thrill Rides,  fun houses, museums, haunted houses and arcades.  There’s practically any kind of food available, both fast-food and sit-down.  You can go dancing and bowling, eat pizza or steak, have ice cream, candy or maple fudge, shop for souvenirs or sandals… whatever is your whim. Clifton hill is a combination of innocent fun and PG-13, all packaged together in an explosion of lights, colors and booming music.  It’s a lot of fun and it’s very much a part of the Niagara Experience… if you want it to be.  If you’d rather experience something quieter, then an evening walk to the falls may be just the thing… and that’s part of the Niagara Experience as well.

It’s not just about ‘What To do’ on Clifton Hill… it’s also about ‘What Taste-Tempting Treat To Enjoy”!   In this particular shop, a baker ladles a fresh batch of chocolate fudge on a special marble table.  After a few minutes in the oven he’ll cut it into squares and display it inside the front counter.  Very soon thereafter it will be enjoyed by strolling tourists or taken home as a tasty memento of Niagara Falls!  Do try my personal favorite… Maple Fudge!!

This is new and fun!  We did this and I have to admit it was cool to go bowling at Niagara Falls!  Once again I failed to break one hundred, but I had a good time despite all my gutter balls… the Rock & Roll theme inside is well designed and very appropriate to the atmosphere!

Yup… things are ‘Open’ at night on Clifton Hill!  Niagara Falls has many options for evening entertainment!

This was great fun for our family one year, and they give you a lot for your money!  This was easily the longest lasting Mini Golf course we ever played… and that’s not just because we’re lousy at it.. they have lots of greens!  Although all age groups enjoy a game of Putt-Putt, your little ones will especially enjoy the dinosaurs (which are purposely not too scary looking!)

I remember when my little girls could still ride atop my shoulders… sniff… now they’re teenagers in high school as I write this.  They’ve grown up at Niagara Falls and on Clifton Hill.. and each tells me they have the happiest of memories there!  It makes this ‘Parenting Thing’ all worth it to hear them say that!

The Niagara SkyWheel is great fun to ride!  Each gondola is fully enclosed, is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.  Tickets can be purchased separately or many times they are included in your hotel reservation deal, commonly as part of an ‘Adventure Pass’ promotion.  Day or night, the view is great from the Sky Wheel, and the ride itself is as smooth as silk!

For me, it’s hard to get any better than having an ice cream cone while on a Niagara Falls vacation!

It’s like entering another world when you walk down to Queen Victoria Park after the sun has set.  The commotions of Clifton Hill vanish, and you’re actually able to hear your footsteps on the paths through the trees.  On peak summer nights, you’ll find that the walkway next to the falls is crowded… full of people you can hear but can barely make out. The noises around you, the sounds of the falls, the mist in the air, the laughter and conversations you pick up from passersby in the darkness all make for an experience that is almost dreamlike.  The atmosphere is incredible.  Everyone is happy!  The spirit of the crowd is one of celebration.  Everyone is out to listen to a live band, to see some fireworks and to watch the famous colored lights shine upon the falls.

 This is where one world changes into another… leaving the spectacle of Clifton Hill for the spectacle of Niagara Falls… Crossing the parkway to get to the falls.

Sometimes the best things are free, and these folks have it all figured out!  You don’t have to be doing something (and paying money) every minute of every hour you spend at Niagara Falls… you can simply find a bench and just enjoy the sights and sounds for while.  When you take this approach to tourism — not just at Niagara Falls but anywhere you travel — you suddenly become invulnerable to sales pitches.  It’s as if you suddenly understand that fun does not necessarily depend on how much cash you’re pulling out of your wallet…. sometimes it’s just the opposite! 


A nice place for a nice view… Just lean on the rail and take it all in!  This observation point overlooks the Maid Of The Mist  Boat launch. 

The building in the distance with the vertical red sign?  That’s a casino… a whole ‘nother world from what I know about Niagara Falls!  I guess gambling can be lots of fun, but wouldn’t be the one to ask.  I gambled twice in my life and lost about thirty bucks each time, so I was just never hooked.  If you like that kind of excitement however, Niagara certainly has it!

 This is what I come to Niagara Falls for.. twilight and solitude on a personal level.  I say ‘personal’ because even though there may be hundreds of people around me, I shut them out completely when I stand at the rail in the evening and look into the gorge.  For me, Niagara Falls is not just a place but an experience, and cleansing one at that!  

 The Canadian Horseshoe Falls in the growing darkness, just before the Illumination Board throws some major candle-power upon the water.  The mist cloud is always there, rising then falling again, as it has for the last one hundred and twenty centuries.  It’ll be there in the darkness when you’re asleep, it’ll greet you in the morning with your coffee as the sun rises.  It’s one of the few places in the whole world where you can see anything like it.

This is what it’s like to follow the stream of people on their nightly pilgrimage to the Horseshoe falls.  Most often you can’t see any faces in the crowd, just shadowy outlines. Shadowy though they may be, they don’t make for an ominous or ‘spooky’ experience… as with the crowd on Clifton Hill, the sounds you hear are of happy voices and carefree laughter! 

Passing through the outdoor cafe on the way to the falls… day or night, this is a great place to relax… a very nice atmosphere within the roar of the falls!

Almost to the falls!  Passing beside the gift shop across from the Table Rock area, with the rays of light from the Illumination Building in the background.  Visible also is the stage where a Classic Rock band is playing for free!

The Classic Rock band on stage, and the lights of the illumination building just above, doing what they do best!


Believe it or not, my favorite color of light on the falls is white, simply because it shows the greatest detail.  As you might expect, the two gentlemen who put on the nightly lights can whip up any color of the rainbow, and arrange them in combinations that set cameras flashing all up and down the park!  (Do see the photo gallery ‘Illumination Board’ for more info about Peter and Dick and their Niagara Lights!) 

When you finally reach the railing at the edge of the Canadian falls, you should see for yourself that Niagara Falls is much more than a place where water falls over a cliff.  From the solitude of the mornings to the hustle of the afternoons, to the joyous celebration of the evenings, Niagara Falls has many personalities and so many hidden places to discover. In a little while the lights will go all white, then the colors will mix to a muddy brown…. and those who know the signal will start walking back to their hotels. In another moment, the lights will flick off, bringing complete darkness to Niagara Falls. In just a little while, the Niagara Park will be closed, and the Niagara Falls Police will patrol to keep the park empty and crime free. In the morning it will all begin again… the sun will rise, illuminate the mist cloud and paint rainbows in the morning air, for another brand-new day at Niagara Falls.




2 Responses to “Evening At Niagara ”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that the Fudge doesn’t go in the oven, it goes on the counter for a day to harden, if you would have actually worked there or watched, you would know that thier oven is way to small to fit that huge bar of fudge. Fudge hardens at room temperature, just like chocolate, get your facts right!

    • Well Thank you very much… I admit to never having worked there… I have watched (though not long enough evidently) and I guess I simply put two and two together… Oven + Batter = Fudge. I am glad you came along to help me get my facts straight… thanks for the very nice and thoughtful comment. I’m surprised you are looking at this site… my new one at Squarespace is what I’ve been working on… it’s still under construction but please see it at http://www.PlacesAtNiagara.com Thanks! Have a great day!

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