About Places At Niagara Falls

Hello And Thanks for Bearing With Me!      

Places At Niagara is a very new site, and its writer is very green at Blogs and Websites.  I am learning as I go, and every move I make online is slow.  I work during the day, plus I assist my wife in our Ebay business www.1petspalace.com  selling pet toys.  This leaves very little time left over to write a blog.  The best news of all is that I enjoy every minute of the writing and even the learning.  I have great plans for this site… I think  it will eventually become a full-blown website in addition to being a blog… but that is a ways down the road.      

The person who will eventually be designing my website gave me a bit of advice…”Write the content first.  That’s the hardest part of any website project.  Once that’s done, the rest is much easier.”  That makes a lot of sense, so that’s what I’m doing here at my blog… writing the content first because it is the most challenging part.  Once it tells the Niagara Story the way I want it to, then I’ll worry about all the bells and whistles.  Thanks for bearing with me… eventually this site will be a gem on the internet… I promise!  Peace be with you!  — Greg     


Places At Niagara  promotes Niagara Falls Canada & USA through intimate photographs and commentary.   I love photographing every aspect of Niagara Falls, so much of which passes unnoticed by the average tourist.  I hope my photos will speak for themselves in their own way.        

Another important reason for the creation of Places At Niagara is to help folks who want to visit Niagara Falls on a budget.  My family and I are Niagara Falls veterans and yet are not wealthy people… We’ve learned a thing or two to keep expenses down without putting a damper on enjoyment, and I will share all that we have learned.      

Thanks, and I hope you will be inspired to visit Niagara Falls soon!  — Greg    




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