Any Progress is Good Progress… Always!

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Changes, they are a-coming to my Places At Niagara… after a long, cold (and for me) a very busy winter.  The number one change you will see will be a conversion from a Blog Format to a more standard Web Page format, one which has an internal blog through which I can ramble on about whatever I like.  This will necessitate going from WordPress to SquareSpace.  I sure appreciate WordPress for the free deals they offer, but what I want to do on the web is just not suited for a free blog site.  I must spend a little money and do things my way, and the folks over at SquareSpace seem to have the solutions & the look I need.  It won’t matter to my handful of viewers… when they type in www dot Places At Niagara dot Com, they will still get to PlacesAtNiagara, it will just have a new home and a new look…. Eventually… I still have to build the site and then when it’s finished I’ll have Go Daddy redirect my viewers to SquareSpace.  For a look at what I’m interested in, check out this simple but beautiful SquareSpace site I found which will serve as the inspiration to my future Places At Niagara….

You really have to hand it to Ms. Heiden for what she has done.  Her site is simple, but in a cluttered world of blinking banners and other visual pollution, Simple is Better.  Her site draws the  viewer right into her world … click on the photos and you get more photos.. click on those and you can see them larger and then admire their beauty and read her commentary.  Simple.  Great!  Couldn’t be better and that’s what I want for Places At Niagara!  Great Job Ms. Heiden… I want to make my site look much like yours… but about Niagara Falls of course.

The next Great Thing in my life is that I finally got my Dream Camera…  no longer am I on the ‘Outside Looking In’ in the Photographer’s World!  No, I did not finally get my coveted Nikon D90 which I wrote about in an earlier post… instead I picked up a Nikon D7000, sort of an upgraded D90, along with a separately-purchased Nikkor 18-200mm zoom lens… both of which are  beyond awesome for me.  My new Nikon has a lot to teach me, but I am an eager student… and that’s a great combination for success.  I envision a loving and lasting relationship with my new Artist’s Tool. 

Until a theft of my apartment left me without all of my Pentax equipment some thirty years ago, I was once a student of photography… with my teacher being only myself and whatever books I could get my hands on.  I learned a lot in those film camera days, but never re-invested after the break-in.  I’m regretful about that.  I was bitter for so many years that someone could come along and take something which belonged to me, which I loved so much… I could never bring myself to start all over again, and eventually I forgot all about my love of photography.  None of that matters now… I own a beautiful new Nikon D7000… and for me, it’s my way of finally closing that door and getting on with my life… even 30 years too late.  That I’ve finally done so is all that matters!  

So how does this relate to Niagara Falls?  Well, I go to Niagara a lot… an awful lot… and I just love to take photos of the Places At Niagara which are seldom noticed by the average tourist.  One day I decided to make a website devoted to Niagara Falls.  My Trusty Little Warrior, my tiny Canon PowerShot A630 has done everything I’ve asked it to do and more — virtually all the photos on this site are from it —  but to really do Niagara Falls justice, I had to get an SLR camera again… and after saving my pennies and driving my wife and family bonkers for two long years with my obsession, I finally have one!  I can’t tell you how nice it is to have an SLR in my hands again… and a Nikon at that… something I could never have afforded some 30 years ago!  Sometimes, when you least expect it, things have a way of working out. 

Peace and Happiness be with you!  — Greg


Not Neglected… Just With Computer Problems!

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Hello Folks, my first post since America’s Thanksgiving Holiday in November! 

I’m not neglecting my beautiful Places At Niagara, but my graphics card is toasted on my computer… this makes it very difficult to make a beautiful website or to be creative… to say the least.  Plans are at work to deal with this, but they will take awhile to unfold.  We have an Ebay business, and as ugly as my computer screen makes my online experience, I’m still able to print labels and ship out my customers’ packages… which is the bottom line for me right now. 

In the future, look for me to change styles and formats, from the Blog Form to the Standard Web Site form, with possibly a built-in blog.  To those who still visit… Thanks… and an assurance that the future always looks bright for these Places At Niagara!

Finally!! ‘Free Things To Do” Is All Cleaned Up!!

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Good Morning!  I’m happy to be able to say that my ‘Free Things To Do’ section is cleaned up and free of those ugly white borders around the photos.  What a battle that was!  Not sure why, but at least on my computer, the editing process sure seems buggy…  what would normally take 20 or 30 minutes in a Word document can take days on my WordPress Blog.

This morning I’m trying something new… namely a different and newer computer in my house.  I’m hoping that things will go more smoothly and more quickly.  The computer I’ve traditionally used is the oldest one in the house and has certainly given us our money’s worth… it has to be at least seven years old now and I think it’s so corrupted that nothing will save it at this point.  I know this post has nothing at all to do with my beautiful Places At Niagara, but it’s at least about the process (and problems!) encountered when trying to get a blog / website off and running.  Wish me luck!!  Thanks for reading as always… I promise that my Places At Niagara site will someday be a true gem on the internet!   Tale Care!  — Greg

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Here in the United States we have the Thanksgiving Holiday where we take time out to consider all we’ve been blessed with in our lives… and to give thanks for all that we have.     

I’m thankful for a great many reasons, despite my nearly incessant whining about everything that seems to go wrong or which inconveniences me in the slightest.  I won’t enumerate those reasons here, but know that I’m humbled about what I have in life, and that I would wish others to be just as fortunate as I have been.

With 2010 winding to a close, I have to say it’s been a great year in many ways.  Last year at this time, my idea of writing a Niagara Falls website seemed on the verge of total collapse.  Before I could even get started, forces from every direction in life seemed to be pulling it apart, and the only thing which seemed certain was failure.   Somehow I persevered.  I’ve not always been successful in life at converting ideas to realities, so this one really feels good.  In a small but important way, it’s changed the way I view myself.  I’m so glad I stuck with it.   I will remember the year 2010 for this.

Though riddled with imperfections, I’m immensely proud whenever I type in my web address and see what I’ve accomplished so far.  Those imperfections?  Well, I’m still learning and I’m addressing them one at a time.  I love every minute I get to work on my website, even when my buggy old computer wants to drive me insane.   Although I’m just a grain of sand floating in the vast cosmos of the internet, there’s something deeply satisfying about reaching out across the web with my photos and what I’ve learned about one very special place on Planet Earth to me… Niagara Falls.  It’s like saying to the world, “Hello, let’s be friends!”

So with this being our Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I’d like to give thanks to those online who’ve found my site and who didn’t  click me away without reading a thing or two I wrote or without browsing through some of my photos.  Thanks!  I hope whoever reads this is happy in life!  Take Care Always, and I hope you enjoy these Places At Niagara… and life in general!  — Greg

‘Ditto’ for White Water Walk.. Edited & Cleaned Up!

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Wow what a morning… wish all things could be this easy!  While I really struggled cleaning up ‘Evening At Niagara’, ‘Journey Behind The Falls’  and ‘White Water Walk were really easy to fix!  Who knows about computers… Buggy little buggers they are.  Most of us have a Love/Hate relationship with them (I do!) but some days, I just get lucky!

I hope to hear your comments about these Places At Niagara!  Till then, Take Care!  — Greg

Journey Behind The Falls — Edited & Cleaned Up!

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Well whatta ya know… fixing the ‘Journey Behind The Falls’ section was so easy I was able to do it while trying to get my daughters out of here this morning and onto the school bus!  I sure hope the rest of my work on this site will go so easy (but I know that I probably shouldn’t count on it!)  Just thought I’d mention it.  It’s tough to take care of other important tasks in my life knowing there are such glaring typos, goofs and problems on my website.  If I could, I would spend entire days re-writing, fixing and tweaking, but that’s not how to put food on the table, is it?

Anyway, the Journey Behind The Falls section is fixed… now onto the next category!  I hope you enjoy these Places At Niagara!

Progress — and Hello After Nine Days!

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So much for daily posting… this is the first in 9 days! 

Which is not to say I haven’t been busy with this project.  When I first started this, I naturally did many things wrong because I didn’t know any better.  I wanted my photos to have captions, so I used the ‘Caption Option’  and while it worked, it put an ugly white border around my photos… spoiling the look. 

I’ve since ‘cheated’ a bit with captions… just putting italicized text in a different color beneath the photos and it works very well… without that ugly white border!  The bad news is that it’s very time-consuming to go back and undo everything I’d already done… although that’s what I’m doing since I like the results so much.  I’ve now re-done everything up to and including the ‘Evening At Niagara’ section… but I still have so much more to do.  Christmas is coming and our Ebay business ( ) is starting to pick up speed, so I must devote most of my time to the business versus this blog.  All in good time!

Once I get things all prettied up, I will probably experiment with fonts and graphics a bit, but more than anything else I will be ready to promote my site at that point.  I sure love doing this, and I cannot wait to start reaching out across the web to folks looking for Niagara Falls information.

If you are one of those people who’s been looking at my site… let me offer my sincerest thanks!  Take Care and I hope these Places At Niagara will be an even more interesting place for you!  — Greg