Whirlpool Aero Car

In the activities which are ‘famous’ at Niagara Falls, I put the Whirlpool Aero Car Last because it’s the shortest in duration, and for some folks it’s not much more than just a ride across the gorge on a cable car. I think it’s well worth doing not just because it offers a great view of the rapids and whirlpool basin, but because it’s one of those things which are famous in Niagara Falls and which you’ll likely regret not doing someday when you’re remembering your time at Niagara… when you had the chance to ride but chose not to. 

Watching the Aero Car, taking it easy, enjoying the shade and the breeze through the gorge!  The top of the Aero Car can be seen through the railing, the ‘dot’ directly above it in the photo is the place where it travels to, way on the other side of the gorge. 

Another reason I listed it behind the other ‘famous’ activities would be if you had any time constraints during your stay at Niagara Falls which forced you to forego one activity.  Personally for myself, this would be the activity I would forgo if pressed to make such a decision.  If I had to make a decision.

Inside the Aero Car.  No seats at all, you simply stand during the ride which is noiseless and as smooth as silk.  Nice cooling breezes are a pleasurable part of this ride! 

Make no mistake however, I’m a great fan of The Whirlpool Aero Car… I’ve taken the ride several times in the past and would do so this very moment, were I not in Ohio writing a Niagara Falls Blog!  

At this point you are high above the water and approaching the mid-point of the ride.  When you reach the end of the line, the Aero Car simply reverses direction and heads back to the starting point.

Almost there!

Reaching the other side, and waving to the people watching from an observation point in the gorge!

The Whirlpool… Motionless Here, but Turning and Churning in Real Life!

Your view if you were swimming in the whirlpool (not recommended!)  Photo was taken when we rode the Whirlpool Jet Express boat!

Accessible from the Canadian side of the river, it’s one heck of a nice ride in a quieter and less-busy area of Niagara Falls. A one-kilometer round-trip lasting about 10 minutes, you are rewarded with a wonderful view from 250 feet over the surface of the water. It gives a real sense of how dangerous the whirlpool is, perpetually turning with logs and other floating debris trapped in its center. Any swimmer would be in serious trouble within the whirlpool!

 Rapids at the entrance to the Whirlpool Basin… NO Swimming!!

 Deep and Swift Water, even at the banks… it’s illegal even to wade here!

 Another Trip done for the Whirlpool Aero Car… A Niagara Classic!

There’s a wonderful breeze flowing over the gorge which can seem almost magical on a hot summer day, making it nearly worth the price of admission alone. The whirlpool Aero Car is a classic which has brought awe and wonder to millions of people since it first opened in 1916. (An important note: This ride is not wheelchair accessible.)


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